To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible again and again.

(Hermann Hesse)


Constantly searching for the most enchanting places on earth, and longing for something exceptional at the same time, Stefan Kraft has been travelling throughout Europe, Asia and Arabia for several decades now.

In the 1980-ies, he made his mark as a fashion designer, and until today he sees himself as a globetrotter who has not yet reached his final destination.

The main motivation for him and his creativity team is the daily challenge to generate a new and extraordinary way to gingerly present a product – both timeless but sustainable at the same time. And wrapping it up in a different way over and over again is only feasible when one is really close to the market, feeling its pulse.

This philosophy is being cultivated by Geomedia since 1989, and with each new campaign, Stefan reaches for a higher step in quality.

Lights are never out in his think tank, but still it remains important for him to enjoy the many facets of life thoroughly.

That´s why his motto reads “A day that didn´t teach me anything can never compare to a day that comprised a new experience!”